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                        Sun Safety this Summer

                        Summer is all about enjoying the weather and sunshine. A little vitamin D is great, but be careful! Experiencing five sunburns in life can double a person’s melanoma (skin cancer) risk.

                        Check out the following infographic for some tips on sun safety.

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                        The Measles: What you need to know

                        You probably haven’t had to think about measles much in your lifetime. The illness has been largely contained in the 21st century, thanks to near-universal vaccination. However, vaccination rates among certain populations have fallen in the U.S....

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                        Belly Aches Are No Laughing Matter

                        Abdominal pain. It’s a catchall, and incredibly common, complaint, and it’s the single most common reason people go to the ER in the US, with nearly 10 million visits a year, according to the CDC. But that’s not the main reason it’s such a pain for...

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                        4 Ways To Prevent Ear Aches

                        When it comes to ear pain, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

                        The good news is that there’s been a decline in ear infections in kids since the pneumococcus vaccine was introduced several years ago to combat pneumococcus. This is one of the most...

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                        Pollen Counts Are High, You're Feeling Low

                        Your nose starts to itch, your eyes get watery, and then rapid-fire sneezing--before you know it, you have emptied an entire tissue box in a futile attempt to dam up your nasal flow. Oh no, it’s pollen season already?!?!

                        The Food and Drug...

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                        Can Stress Make You Sick?

                        “Don’t stress it.”

                        This phrase has become common in our everyday language but do we take our own advice? Ah, if it were only that easy.

                        Stress is part of the human condition--it has been around since the beginning and isn’t leaving anytime soon....

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                        Telemedicine Magazine: "When Flu Season Hits the ER, Telemedicine Offers Surge Capacity"

                        In an important online article atTelemedicine MagazineFirst Stop Health's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Friedman, describes the valuable role of telemedicine in providing surge capacity for the treatment of victims of the flu epidemic.


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                        What Does Your Fever Mean?

                        Fevers are certainly draining and unpleasant. Fevers aren’t an illness--rather they’re a symptom of the body’s response to illness. When the body is invaded by viruses, bacteria or other infection the immune system turns up your internal thermometer...

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                        Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records: Creating a Patient-Centric EHR System

                        Increasingly, the many difficulties created by electronic health records (EHRs) are a focus of discussion within the healthcare industry. As reforms for  improved physician usability are debated, it’s potentially valuable to recognize that the...

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